terake factory

TERAKE – measures, accounts and calculates everything related to work.
In order to reserve more time for running the company.

In these areas, today TERAKE WorkFields software helps to manage work:

Service, tourism, trade

Property maintenance and administration

Agriculture and forestry

Construction and maintenance of roads and railways

Manufacturing and industry

Maintenance and service

How to motivate employees to perform better and reduce company costs?
- Plan ahead

TERAKE WorkFields can be used to conveniently plan the work and employees of the entire company

  • Create work schedules (working days per month)
  • Assign tasks to employees (tasks assigned during the working day)
  • Plan your company resources

All tasks and shifts planned in the work schedule appear in the employee’s calendar and are visible both in the mobile application and on the web.

By planning the company’s resources (tools, machines, objects, etc.), you will get an overview of what is happening in the company. When, what and how much it costs – correct planning helps to avoid excessive costs and see where to reduce costs.

Detailed work and employee management allows you to analyse the company’s strengths and thus understand how to earn more revenue.

terake factory
Terake workfields setup

What is the secret to a success of the company?

- Configure TERAKE workfields

Set TERAKE to suit your business needs. Turn on the modules your company needs, create relationships, assign rights, roles, and automate the capture of your company’s work.
The correct setup is what ensures that the right things are monitored and analysed, so this is definitely the most important part of collaboration.
You can always add, change or delete all parameters from the Admin Menu.

How to plan company resources effectively?

- Measure

TERAKE WorkFields allow you to measure everything the company needs. 

  • Working hours
  • Materials (in production)
  • Tools in units (used for specific work)
  • Use of machines
  • Employees (how many employees are needed to do a job)
  • Fuel, so-called piecework

Monitoring working hours is important for both the company and the employee. When measuring working hours, the company receives information for further planning of the workforce, and measuring the working hours gives the employee the confidence  that his or her hours get recorded and that the payroll is correct.

When using the smartphone application, all working hours, work starts, stops and location are immediately visible in the TERAKE environment. 

In addition, the working hours can be recorded using an NFC or RFID chip.

Everything else the company wants to measure can be set up in line with the company’s needs and, if necessary, specific costs can be linked to specific jobs.

TERAKE WorkFields make measurement easy and work-efficient. 

How to get more done as a company?

- Manager's job

TERAKE is work management software that makes running a company easier – by replacing spreadsheets, improving the willingness to work in a team and helping to monitor the company’s profitability in real time every day.
Our customers have noticed that automated measurement of where and how much it takes has given them more time to focus on things that bring profits to the company.

How to reduce paperwork in the company?

- Automate

In order to reduce the company’s costs of moving documents from one table to another, the monitoring and accounting of the entire company work processes must be automated in the most possible manner.
TERAKE WorkFields help you build relationships, automate documentation, and notice on what company’s money is spent.
All work-related information moves to the software in real time.

The web environment allows the company to view information about working hours, maintained / used machines and materials in real time.
The entire database with the collected information can be exported to Excel or a business software or accounting program.
The aim is to collect data on the basis of which to get an overview of employees’ working hours, to avoid overtime, to keep the machinery maintained, to avoid double bookings and to make decisions on the basis of the report when planning future work.
TERAKE WorkFields help the company to prepare reports and measure the use of resources.

What is it that helps you make good decisions?

- Reports

Compile a variety of reports based on the data collected, the enterprise reporting module is flexible. TERAKE is interfaced with various business software and allows easy transfer of data for payroll.
Export the data you want in PDF, CSV or Excel formats and create reports in the format you want to get the right answer.
If you are already using software for reporting or accounting, you can use the API to interface TERAKE with your current software.
Queries about objects, dates, employees, working hours, materials, etc. from the TERAKE software are possible.