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Software of working time tracking

Terake workfields software is a fast, easy, and accurate working time tracking assistant that helps you keep up-to-date reports with the information you need and keeps your business costs under control. Terake software saves a lot of time and money for the user by keeping all costs under control – machine costs, supplies, materials and working time.

Recorded data moves to the software and then reports are exported to Excel or to a business software or accounting program.

With the mobile app, all employee arrivals and departures, hours of operation, and precise location are instantly visible in online. With a smartphone, you can transfer data in real time at minimal cost. All data exchange between server and smart devices is automatic. All important data is added to your workflow on a mobile device that also works offline.

Using the app, the smartphone displays clear feedback to the employee whether the time registration was successful and whether it was done from the right location. It is always possible to see whether the hours are currently running or already closed.

Benefits for using working time tracking software of Terake workfields


  • Improvement of work environment discipline
  • Financial savings through accurate time recording
  • Real-time information on employee arrivals and departures
  • The time-consuming paperwork associated with hourly pages will disappear
  • Working time, or counting of hours, becomes automatic
working time tracking

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