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Terake’s Operational Plans and Mobile Task Management application help you quickly and efficiently coordinate your team. Simply fill all the right fields, with the right products, in the right settings and at the right time. Terake is a company management software that makes it easier for the company, replaces spreadsheets, improves teamwork, monitors the company’s profitability on a daily basis in real time.

Terake is a fast, simple, and accurate working time measurement helper that helps you continually fill in the necessary information with the fieldbook and keeps your costs of business under control. Terake saves a lot of time and money to the user – machine costs, supplies and materials, working time and management costs. All data is puted in the work by the worker in the work process, which provides the most accurate and exchange information.

Use the API and interface Terake with your current software

The API makes it easy to synchronize data with other applications. Terake software can inherit object, dates, employees, time, materials, etc.

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