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Digital field book with mobile working time tracking on the field!

Digital field book on your hands

Digital field book with work time tracking. The application of Terake gives you a quick overview of the work in the field. Information is entered by pressing a few buttons. The Terake mobile app has been developed in close collaboration with farmers. All data is added during the work process by the operator, providing the most accurate and immediate information about what is happening in the field. Terake allows you to enter and verify all data in real-time.

Digital Fieldbook of Terake

  • Agronomic overview of fields
  • Fields on the map
  • Fieldbook and fertilization plan
  • Comparison and analysis of field yields
  • Information on field work and materials used
  • GPS positioning
  • Exchange of information with shapefiles
Digital Field book of Terake
digital field book

Mobile app of Terake

  • Measurement of working time
  • Autofill reports
  • Hours of operation and precise location are instantly visible
  • Mobile waybill
  • Enter refueling on mobile
  • NFC capability
  • The signing of tasks and documents
  • Map view

Web app of Terake

  • Reporting
  • Work schedules
  • Reports to Excel or to business software or accounting program
  • Terake API
  • Map view
  • Object-based costing and activity-based costing
  • Dashboard
Digital fieldbook

Integrations of Terake

Precision farming
Fuel change recording and driver identification
ISO-BUS based information gathering
Fleet management

Using the app of Terake is easy, create an account to get started.

Once the account is created, download the mobile app as well HERE!

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